Wed. May 22nd, 2024

The glue that joins the bones together. It only takes five minutes

Swedish researchers have developed a glue to connect broken bones. In tests, the bonding adhesive proved to be stronger than dental filler, and on top of that, it bonds bone in record time – just five minutes.

Scientists from KróLeft KTH Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the Karolinska Institute have developed an adhesive thatóry can pomóc millions of patientóin the aftermath of bone fractures. Laboratory tests conducted on rats have shown that the adhesive works in five minutes. The scientists hope the adhesive will also work for the human body, but more research is needed for that.

Bones are not an easy material to reconnect. Adhesives generally need a dry environment and cleaned surfaces to work effectively, and the bones are in a moist environment.

With the aging population wspóModern medicine is faced with increasingly frequent and complex fractures of the. This is also related to the higher number of cases ofóIn osteoporosis and resulting injuries. Surgical glue will avoid some of the complications. With it, there is no need to put on a cast and perform long-term rehabilitation. On top of that, it will reduce the cost of treatment. In the case of difficult fractures, it disappears róalso the problem of joining bones with wireów and screws.

The researchers reported on the new method at the „Advanced Functional Materials”. It offers unparalleled bonding strength and, at the same time, solves the problem of effective adhesive in the moist environment inside the body.

The scientists were inspired by materials used in dentistry during their research. Anyone who has seen their dentist expose a filling with a special lamp will recognize the technique used by scientistsów for polymerization or curing of composite material. The technique involves triggering a polymer bonding reaction using lightóin the presence of water.

Professor Michael Malkoch, who led the research, said that their invention is biocompatible and provides binding strength thatóra exceeds commercially available dental adhesive by 55 percent. – The materials we use result in extraordinary adhesion to wet bone, which in most casesów is extremely difficult – admitted Malkoch.

The glue developed in Sweden is in the form of a patch, a patch thatóry consists of multiple layers applied to the fracture in the correct order. The first, which is applied directly to the bone, has an acidic reaction and its purpose is to expose the włóof collagenous bone stumps, which is expected to increase the adhesion of the glue and allow the bones to fuse together. The next layer is the włókna and another portion of the adhesive is applied to them. In the end, light fixation is needed, exactly the same as when you visit the dentist, and that’s it. The entire procedure takes about five minutes.

Malkoch admitted that the glue is ready for testingóIn clinical human studies. The researchers have also already made some steps to commercialize the invention. They have founded the startup Biomedical Bonding AB. – We believe our findings will lead to a paradigm shift in fracture treatment, which in the future will gradually eliminate much of today’s metal plates and screws – Malkoch said.