Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

What was the Russian spy poisoned with? “Novichok” – Cold War weapon

A former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with a substance developed in the USSR back in the Cold War era. The UK service has identified the agent. They are the so-called. “Novichok”. What is it and how does it affect people?

In early March, there were subójny agent Sergei Skripal along with córka Julia ended up in the hospital with symptoms of poisoning by a highly toxic substance. A few days ago, Theresa May, prime minister of the United Kingdom, where the incident took place, stated that a former spy was attacked with a substance named „Novichok”.

„Poison with timeóIn the Soviet named „Novichok” was used to poison a former Russian spy and his córki” – declared May. The agent was identified by the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down. This confirms earlier suspicions of the British services that an advanced paralyzing agent was used against the intelligence agent. Sergei and Yulia were found unconscious on a park bench. They are currently in intensive care. Their condition is critical.

„Novichok”, and in Polish „Novichok”, is the middle classów, over whichórs conducted research in the USSR in the 1970s. i 80. last century. Zachód first learned about them in 1991. Information about „N series”, as the class of these agents was definedóIn stated one of their twórców – Wil Mirzayanov.

„Novichok” attacks the enzyme, whichóry is used by the nervous system to communicate with the muscles. It is acetylcholinesterase. The ingestion of the agent causes a series of symptomsów. First of all, there is an excessive secretion of saliva and tears. The pupils are decreasing. Problems with breathing appear. Convulsions and spasms occurów muscles, until the victim stops breathing and his heart stops beating.

– Powód, with the którego you die after contact with these agents is very simple. If your muscles don’t work, you can’t breathe, and if you can’t breathe, you eventually die – explained by Dr. Lewis Nelson of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

To date, Zachód did not come into contact with „N series”, but researchers believe that it is an extremely potent agent and only a few milligrams are enoughów to kill an adult human. According to what has made its way into Zachód from the USSR, the most potent are „Novichok 5” and Novichok 7”, But their structure is known only in Russia and not much more can be said about them.

„Novichok” can take a very ró┬┐na form. It can be a powder sprinkled on food, it can be absorbed as a liquid through the skóhand or spray an aerosol in the air. The body’s reaction to the agent begins depending on how it is administered. The fastest when it is inhaled, then it takes only 30 seconds for the symptom to occuróin poisoning. British police are looking for a traceóIn the substance literally everywhere. Even a bouquet of flowers was examinedów, whichóry Sergei laid on the grave of his late wife.

The fact that the victims of the attack are still alive indicates that the agent was administered to them through the skóhand. Otherwise, they would already be dead. Skripal and his córce is currently administered atropine, whichóra is to block acetylcholine. To resume the function of the blocked enzyme pralodoxium is administered. Diazepan is also used to stop seizures. Sergei and Yulia also have to have artificial respiratory support. However, it is unclear whether these remedies will cure victims of the attack.

„Novichok” arises from a combination of dwóch completely harmless substances. The materials for their production are cheap and ogólnodible, however, it takes considerable knowledge and laboratory conditions to obtain a lethal weaponów.

Skripal was subójnym agent. He worked for Russian intelligence, then passed the information obtained there to the British MI6. In Russia, he was found guilty of treason, but under the agent exchange programóin found in the UK.

„Novichok” is a substance thatówhich is easily transported. It can be administered on rótion in different ways and just a few milligrams of it is enoughów. This makes the perpetrator of the poisoning difficult to detect. It takes thorough research to identify the poison. All this makes the „N series” excellent for spiesóinto weapons.