Wed. May 22nd, 2024

New hydrogel inhibits arterial hemorrhage in 20 seconds

A team of Chinese researchers has developed a hydrogel that can stop bleeding from a punctured artery. Its application uses ultraviolet light, which makes the gel solidify in just 20-30 seconds.

Heavy bleeding is a dangerous situation. It can happen as a result of proceduresóIn surgical or trauma. In most casesów is caused by damage to an artery or organ. In each of these casesów immediate action must be taken, as the loss of significant amounts of blood even threatens death.

Currently, artery clamps are used to treat such wounds, and then sutures are placed to close the wound. Research teams from around the world have already próThey were able to create rótion of different types of adhesives, whichóry would stop rapid blood loss, but so far none have succeeded in doing so. The adhesives developed were either toxic to humans or were not strong enough to withstand the high pressure of liquid in the bloodstream.

However, it appears that both problems have been overcome by a group of Chinese scientists’ów. They boasted of their achievements in the pages of the journal „Nature Communications”, Where they presented the results of the testóin animals and howób hydrogel was created.

The hydrogel consists of water, gelatin and a mixture of proteins and other chemicals. It is designed to resemble the structure of human connective tissues as closely as possible. Its application uses ultraviolet light, which is theóre after being directed to the hydrogel causes it to thicken and solidify thoroughly adhering to the wound and thus preventing blood flow. All this in just 20-30 seconds. The authors of the invention claim it can withstand blood pressure of 290 mmHg, which is much higher than normal.

The hydrogel was tested on animals. Researchers punctured the pig’s carotid artery and then used the gel to close the wound. Hydrogel not only closed the wound (and saved the pig’s life), but also allowed the wound to heal quickly. A pig studied two weeks póIt later had minor necrosis and inflammation.

syndromeół wypróhe hydrogel was also developed on króliku. Researchers cut his femoral artery, then successfully stopped the bleeding using their invention. But króThe lycanthrope was also damaged in the liver. Hydrogel róHe also dealt with the hemorrhage.

As tests have shown, the hydrogel breaks down in the body and does not cause any effects on theóin side. However, further research and testóin the people.