Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Calculator helps you calculate how much plastic trash you produce

PhD students from the AGH University of Science and Technology have created an online calculator that allows anyone to check how much plastic waste they produce in a year. At the same time, the creators encourage people to take conscious action to protect the environment and reduce the amount of plastic consumed.

Every year, to mórz and the oceanóin goes from 4.8 to as much as 12.7 millionóin tons of plastic. If the trend continues, we will have more waste by 2050ów of plastics than fish. The campaign to make people aware of their impact on the environment was joined by Krakow’s PhD students from the Academy of GóThe calculator, developed by the AGH University of Science and Technology – Hanna PamuĊ‚a and Wojciech Sas.

The calculator they developed will help calculate how much plastic products are usedóin households. In Europe, the annual average is about 30 kilograms ofóin wasteów of plastics per capita. But already the average American produces about 84 kilogramsóin the wasteów per year.

Plastic Waste Calculatorów will add up the plastics used, but the – as its creators emphasizeócreators – it takes into account only basic plastic products. The actual consumption of plastics can therefore be much higher after adding e.g. productów used for work.

The authors on the calculator page remind us that only 5-10 percent of the. of plastic produced is recycled. Another 30 percent of. goes to the landfill, and all the rest to the mórz and oceanów. Twórcy solutions resemble róAlso, how much plastic degradation takes. These can last from a few to even a few hundred years. For example, such a Styrofoam takeaway coffee cup takes about 50 years to decompose, but its plastic counterpart takes about 400 years to decompose.

There are huge amounts of waste in the seas and oceansów of plastics. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of the islands of plastic wasteóin, whichóre formed in the oceans. Consists of about 1.8 trillion piecesóin plastic and weighs about 80,000 tons. Its surface area is 1.6 million kilometersóin square – is an area almost five times larger than Poland.

This garbage comes not only from ships passing through the Pacific Oceanów. First of all, they enter the ocean carried along with rivers, and ocean currents clump them into large islands. But the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is not the only one. Similar clusters of plastic wasteóThe plastics in the calculator have formed in all oceans. The larger ones are five, the smaller ones no one counts.

Created by Pamula and Sasa, the start-up Omni Calculator offers on its pages not only a calculator to help calculate the amount of waste producedów of plastic. It is possible to find róAlso the sleep calculator, whichóry will help calculate when to go to bed to get a good night’s sleep, or a tanning calculator, whichóry will tell us how long we can stay in the sun with a certain filter or what filter to use.