Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Polish medical brand invests in China

Famed Zywiec has entered into a joint venture with FAM BEIJING, a company that introduced a leading European hospital equipment manufacturer to China. Famed is generating almost 20% of the market in this strategic market for itself. of annual export sales revenue.

The effect of China’s economic development is expanding waspsób using medical services. Since the mid-1990s. arrived at about 400 millionów. Spending on health care is expected to increase to $1 trillion by 2020óin annually. According to estimatesów, by the end of this decade, China’s medical device market will be the second largest in the world by value. Mass-care-oriented primary care system covers the squareóports with high demand for low-quality equipment. RóHowever, there are high-end clinical hospitals sourcing only high-end products. More than 18,000. private hospitals, które represent approx. 60% of. all facilitiesówek in this country.

– The peculiarities of the Chinese market are polarization, hermetic and high barrier to entry. The very expensive process of product registrationóin medical can last up to two years. At the same time, one of the ills of the system remains the shortage of medical equipment service. The problem is some of the Chinese manufacturersórców, któers offer low-cost equipment thatór is characterized by the krówith a short and costly lifespan. Today they are there, tomorrow they are gone, and in the event of a need for service, the hospital is left without support. Guarantee of certainty, whichówhich offers a recognized manufacturingórca, such as Famed, determines that customers are willing to pay even several times more for equipment – explains Marek Suczyk vice president of Famed Żywiec.

Famed’s equipment is positioned in the PRC in the premium segment. It competes effectively with the highly reputable products of American, German or Japanese companies. Almost all major manufacturers ofórc of medical equipment from StanóIn the United States, they export their products to the Chinese market, and most of them conduct róalso production in the plants located there. Famed is the only Polish manufacturer of stoolóin operational and łóthat the hospital’s presence in the Middle Kingdom. It exports the most advanced products there, such as stóFamed FLARE medical imaging equipment, stół for bariatric surgery Famed HYPERION, or łóWe supply Famed LE-13 intensive care unit to China. The position of the Żywiec-based spóThe fact that someóThree Chinese suppliers already offer components compatible with Famed products.

Famed’s joint venture partner is FAM(BeiJing) Medical Technology, an exclusive distributor of medical equipment from Zywiec, whichóry introduced the Polish brand to China in 2004. A fruitful result of the cooperation so faróThe cooperation is to sell productsófrom Zywiec to hospitals in more than 30 Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

– Thanks to its advanced technology, outstanding quality and excellent after-sales service, Famed Żywiec equipment has recommendations of such facilitiesówek such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital Capital, Medical University, Tiantan Hospital Capital, Medical University and many others. We are convinced that Famed Zywiec products still have great potential in the Chinese market, as more and more hospitals want and will use products fromóin the Polish brand – mówi Huang Jing, president of FAM(BeiJing) Medical Technology.

– By deciding on the joint venture, we want to clearly emphasize the strategic importance of the market there for Famed. This is a clear signal to our partnersów that we bind ourselves to them for many years, offering not only products that meet expectations, but róalso guaranteeing high-quality service. In addition, as a jointóhe owner of FAM BEIJING we will have a greater influence on sales activities. We hope that the result will be an increase in sales in all product segments by up to several timesów, whichóre we deliver to China – comments Marek Suczyk.

In the past years, each year Famed has successively increased the value of revenue of theów obtained on the Chinese market. They currently generate 17 percent of. annual revenueóin spócanteen from the marketóin export. In the past five years, throughout the Far East, Famed’s revenues have reached PLN 30 million, with których ok. 40 percent. spóThe company obtained in 2017-2018. Famed’s export revenues between 2013 and 2018 amount to PLN 115 million. Last year, the Żywiec-based manufacturer recorded more than PLN 56 million in global revenuesów, achieving a positive EBIDTA result for the third consecutive year (over PLN 2.3 million).

– Market success is determined by the ability to provide solutions that meet the zróvaried customer expectationsów, zarótion from the countryóIn developed as well as developing. We are already present in 97 countries, where we proudly serve as an ambassador of the Polish medical industry and a promoter of Made in Poland quality – Marek Suczyk adds.

Purchased by the recipientóIn China, equipment from a Polish manufacturer is being delivered to recipients of theóby sea or air.

– The ability to use the transportóin rail would be an interesting alternative for us. Product deliveryów ship takes long weeks, while air transport is highly expensive. Therefore, we will watch with interest the development of the New Silk Road project – comments Marek Suczyk.