Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Jupiter and Venus change the orbit of our planet. This cycle affects the climate

– This astonishing discovery. We were able to confirm that changes in the Earth’s orbit were already taking place 215 millionów years ago – mówi geomagnetism expert Dennis V. Kent of Rutgers University, coóroutor of publications in „Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”. – Scientists can now connect changes in climate, environment, dinosaur evolutionów, mammalóin and the fossils found with these 405,000-year cycles,” he adds.

For decades, scientists have studied the phenomenon of the deformation of the Earth’s orbit. In science móThe fact that there is a cycle as early as 215 million "Milanković cycles" Named after their Serbian discoverer. He calculated that with time there are changes in the parameteróin Earth’s orbit, including the eccentricity and inclination of the ecliptic and the precession of the. It is all caused by the gravitational interaction of the solar system planets.

Originally, Earth’s orbit is circular, but it deviates by approx. 5 percent., by making it an ellipse. The cycle lasts 405,000 years. Until now, it has not been known how long this phenomenon has been occurring. The breakthrough was made thanks to studies of rocks dug deep from beneath the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.

In 2013, Kent and his team began drilling holes as deep as 457 metersów. The collected próbki were analyzed for the presence of radioisotopeów, któwhich indicated their age. The rocks have provided róalso evidenceów on changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. When scientists poróThe results from the próbkami sedimentsów of Newark have discovered that cycles lasting 405,000 years are a regular astronomical pattern appearing continuously since 215 millionóin years.

– There are róother, krótighter cycles. But looking back into the past is very difficult to rozróWe have been able to determine whichóWhich cycle we are dealing with at a particular moment in historyóin the Earth. All the more reason that cycles change over time – mówi Kent. – However, the cycle we discovered is different. It is not changing,” adds the scientist.

The fact of the cycle’s occurrence as early as 215 millionów years ago have affected countless areas of science. This will provide a better understanding of the ascension of fossils and dróg evolutionóof the living speciesóin animals and plants. The discovery will also affect the understanding of planetary motion in the Solar System.

Perhaps most important, however, will be a better understanding of how theób Venus and Jupiter influence Earth’s climate. We already know that due to their gravitational influence, the climate cools and warms over time. However, scientists caution against tying the climate changes currently occurring to the discovered cycle.