Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Salutary effects of regular exercise. "Active 70-year-olds have hearts 30 years younger"

Systematic exercise has a salutary effect on the body. As the new study shows, people aged 70 and over who have had an active lifestyle for years and exercised regularly have a heart, lungs and muscles in comparable condition to those 30 years younger.

According to a recent study published in the journal „Journal of Applied Physiology”, Lifestyle has a huge impact on the ogólny state of health. All in all, it’s nothing new, but the researchers’ analysisów from Ball State University show the surprising effects that can be achieved in old age through regular physical activity.

The study analyzed heart, lung and muscle health in a group of regularly exercising osób at age 70. These measurements cfównanof their róvillagers leading more sedentary lifestyles and with physically active 20-year-olds. The results surprised scientistsów. It turned out that the state of active 70-year-oldsów can cfówn with the condition of people in their 40s.

– Our research has shown that people whoóers who exercised regularly year after year, have better ogólny state of health. These active 75-year-old men and women have similar cardiovascular systems to waspsób at 40-45 years old – Scott Trappe, who led the study, said.

For the study, the researchers invited seven women and 21 men aged 70, whoóWho exercised regularly, 10 women and 10 men aged 70, whoóers who led sedentary lifestyles, and 10 women and 10 men in their 20s, whoóWho were in good health and róalso exercised regularly. Scientists tested lung capacity, muscle fitness and heart fitness.

To determine aerobic endurance, the researchers used a so-called “aerobic endurance” signal. oxygen ceiling (VO2 max) – one of the most popular indicators ofóin physical fitness, and in particularóoxygen capacity. The study assesses the maximum amount of oxygen a person can use during intense aerobic exercise.

This measurement is important because, as the team explainedół scientistów, VO2 max decreases by about 10 percent every 10 years after reaching age 30. This, in turn, affects the increased risk of many diseasesób.

Researchers have conducted róAlso, muscle biopsy in participantsóin order to assess the formation and distribution of small blood vessels in the muscles, and to evaluate the activity of the enzymeów hoóre drive oxygen metabolism at the level of the comórkowe.

The results of the study show that measurements of the health of physically active 70-year-oldsów, look similar to osób by at least three decades younger, and that these benefits apply zaróboth men and women.

Teamół scientistów noted that the older participants in the study belong to a generation thatóre received a lot of incentives to participate in sports. – That was the really interesting thing about this study. These people came out of a generation thatóre began to take a real interest in active lifestyles. This is when running or tennis became popular for the masses – admitted Trappe.

– If you are willing to spend 30-45 minutes a day walking, the health benefits thatóre you get from it, will be significant. Will it równo equivalent to professional training? Of course not, but it will always be better than sitting on the couch. In principle, 30-45 minutes of any type of exercise per day, will benefit health – emphasized Trappe.

The study does not present any revelations. Although the effects that can be achieved in old age through regular exercise may surprise you. However, it has long been known that an active lifestyle is guaranteed to improve ogóof our health, zaróboth from a short-term perspectiveótko- as well as long-term. And it doesn’t matter whether this applies to young or elderly osób.