Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Barbecue on censorship. We absorb more harmful substances through the skin than through the respiratory tract

Grilling can expose you to potentially carcinogenic substances in a rather unexpected way – through your skin. Scientists report that the skin is a more important pathway for capturing carcinogenic compounds produced during grilling than the respiratory tract.

The study published on „Environmental Science & Technology” Indicates that grilling people are exposed to compoundsów chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These compounds are formed from the combustion of substances such as coal, gasoline and wood. They form róalso when cooking meat at high temperatures.

PAHs enter the body mainlyównie through food and breathing, but not only. It turns out that just being in the vicinity of a burning grill can expose you to significant amounts of these substances, whichóre getting into the bodyóIn through skóhand.

These compounds may cause an increased risk of someócancerów, diseases of dróg respiratory and DNA mutations. Scientists proved that while grilling, people absorbed higher amounts of PAHs through skóhand than through the respiratory tract.

To test this, researchers from China invited 20 men to a 2.5-hour barbecue. They were divided into three groups. The first group ate grilled meat and did not use any special measuresóin caution to avoid contact with smoke. The second group did not eat meat, but were exposed to smoke in the air and by skóhand. The third group did not eat meat and took precautions in the form of a special mask to limit smoke inhalation, but were still exposed to smoke by skóhand.

The researchers took próurine beads from all participantsóin before and after the barbecue. They also took próbki of the air while grilling to determine the amount of PAHs. The researchers also calculated estimated uptake amounts of these compoundsów for each participant through food, air and skóhand.

As predicted by the researchersów, eating grilled meat was associated with the highest levels of PAHs. But the surprise for them was that by skóhand penetrates more of these compoundsów than through the respiratory tract. The researchers also estimated that clothing on the krómeth can reduce the absorption of PAHs by skóhand, however, once it soaks up the smoke, skóra can absorb larger amounts of PAHs. Researchers recommend washing clothes wkrótce after a barbecue to reduce contact with these substances.

There is no safe level of exposure to carcinogensórical, although the smaller the exposure, the better. However, scientists admit that the average person does not have to worry about absorbing carcinogensóThe chemical substances are absorbed by the skóHand when using the grill, if not doing it too often.